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 13ft 6in
 4ft 6in
 8in centerboard up
 2ft 10in board down
Power:   Oars & sail
Hull type:   
Sail area:   66sf sprit rig 
Max load:   425lbs

The Zephyr was designed as a delightful daysailer inspired by 1870-designed Melonseeds and Seaford Skiffs of the New Jersey and New York coast. These boats were used as rowing and sailing-hunting boats. With a large cockpit and the reserve buoyancy of a decked design they were capable of going out in a variety of weather and sea conditions.

The Zephyr uses a spritsail rig with a low aspect sail plan that is stable and remarkably fast. This is the type of boat that you can both teach your kids to sail with, and keep yourself satisfied on a spirited evening sail at the end of the days struggles. She is lightweight enough to be cartopped, but if I were to use her I would invest in a small trailer. I could keep all the gear in the boat protected with a cockpit canvas cover, ready to hook up to my truck and trailer her down to the ramp for an evenings sail.

She's small enough that I can handle her alone and selfishly enjoy some time with only myself to pick on. Plans are of course available and she can be built in just over 100 hours time. Let's quit writing and get started building a Zephyr so I can get some sailing in before the spring breezes give out.

Devlin Zephyr
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Zephyr Downloadable Study Plans (American)
Price: $1.00
Zephyr Downloadable Study Plans (American)
-- Daysailer --
13ft 6in x 4ft 6in
Zephyr Downloadable Construction Plans (American)
Price: $55.00
Zephyr Downloadable Construction Plans (American)
-- Daysailer --
13ft 6in x 4ft 6in
Zephyr Paper Construction Plans (American)
Price: $85.00
Zephyr Paper Construction Plans (American)
-- Daysailer --
13ft 6in x 4ft 6in
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